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Vicenza - Padua - Verona - Veneto Villas

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Tourist Guide Vicenza - Padua - Verona - Venetian Villas

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Vicenza has been part of the Unesco World Heritage list since 1994. There is a particular atmosphere, certainly unique, maybe because the city is a true triumph of the Italian Renaissance.


Verona is an ancient city. Since 2000 It has been included among the UNESCO sites offering a vast artistic heritage.


From 2021 Padua ‘Urbs Picta’ with its cycles of frescoes has been part of the Unesco Heritage list and since 1997 the Botanical Garden has been a Unesco site for its uniqueness.


In Veneto between the 15th and the 18th centuries nearly 4,000 villas were built, an incredible historical and architectural heritage left to us. Since 1996 the Palladio’s Villas have been part of the Unesco World Heritage list.

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My interest in history, art and the desire to always be in contact with different people have transformed my passion into a job that still manages to make me happy today.

customized itineraries

  • Vicenza – Padua – Verona – Venetian Villas

  • Andrea Palladio’s architecture

  • Scrovegni Chapel

  • Arena & Romeo and Juliet

  • Temporary and permanent exhibitions

  • Spoken languages English – French – Italian

What my clients say

Very helpful well prepared we got along very well with her.
I visited Vicenza in July 2020 and Monica was very good I would recommend her to anyone.
Silvia Cruz
I went to Vicenza for studies and I had the pleasure of meeting Monica an incredible discovery.

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